RED HOT ART presents 20th Century Women


Red Hot Art is a collective that raises funds for sanitary products through the arts. A basic human need that affects thousands of woman across the country. Until the government provides free sanitary products to young women - we are all part of the solution.

20th Century Women, set in 1979, follows three different women. A savvy, provocative teenager played by Elle Fanning, a free-spirited punk artist in her 20’s and a hardy, proud single mother with a lot of heart and soul played by Annette Bening.

Nominated for Best Motion Picture and Best Actress at the Golden Globes, as well as Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards. The film celebrates the ordinary ways we live mundane but extraordinary lives. It follows the three very different women in temperament, ideals and age as they respond to their chaotic environments in the way that they best know how. Sometimes messing up, sometimes succeeding but always showing how each woman was able to make her own choices which eventually lead them to lead entirely different lives. A peripheral but central character is Dorothea’s son. The film follows the influence the women’s struggles have on the boy as he is raised by all three. It shows how while we are often invisible to ourselves, we are an example to others who are watching us. This is best shown through Dorothea who while rarely pulling attention towards herself, becomes and inspiration and an icon for the open and inclusive way that she runs her boardinghouse.

All profits fund sanitary pads for young high schoolers. Tickets can be purchased at this link or by typing Red Hot Art into Webtickets. To find out about other fundraising events or news, you can like the Red Hot Art Facebook page or sign up to our emailing list on our website.