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Cape Quarter Shopping Centre

100% love it
Newly rehabbed upscale mall near the gayborhood
South Africans love their malls – the newer the better – and even an average one can make a big-city American feel like a total rube. Cape Quarter is a cut above, and though Cape Town is less mall-ified than other SA cities, you’d miss the true SA experience if you didn’t visit at least one. Near the Waterkant gayborhood, this mall launched in November 2009 with a cosmetic dentist, a board-certified plastic surgeon, two male-friendly day spas, the Rainbow Trade gift shop and the Vogel & Aitken bespoke shirtmakers, in addition to the usual décor, art and clothing shops. An upscale branch of the SPAR grocery/deli is convenient, and the Andiamo deli/bar/restaurant has drawn a lot of buzz. There are even furnished apartments, perhaps to rest after a glycolic peel or tooth bonding.


    • texbearjoe
      texbearjoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Home Decoration A-GoGo: Limited Tourist Charm
      A nice shopping area with decent bistro-style restaurants, it definitely gives you a not-in-Africa feel, except for some of the African themed shops. I only detected a single shop for men's clothing "bespoke shirts", which isn't too useful for tourists (ready to wait for a custom shirt), and likewise the vast array of home decoration shops (and surrounding the area) aren't particularly tourist friendly unless you're happy to cart a 7-foot vase 9000 to 18000 miles back home. Some of the more interesting shops were a high-end audiophile shop, but of course then you have to use South African electrical connections; a beautiful shop of leather office goods which I wanted to buy everything of, but they didn't have an iPad portfolio. Chocolate shops, green shops, a lot of little knick-knack type shops, but also many nice bistro-style restaurants. Good atmosphere.

    • xandiliwe
      xandiliwe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      wow i love cape quarter shopping male... even though i havent actually shopped there O_o so giving you details on the actual retailing, you shopoholics :P but i can tell you the spar there is amazing, truely gay. the finger sports bar... even way too full has amazing atmosphere pouring out of it's doors, yolo club (upmarket club) where alot of my friends are working is also a mix f cultures and ages... i ate at a restraurant... unfortunately don't remember the name... awesome looking bar, atmosphere was good but i have too say price-food quality was horrible, the food was gastly, but overall had a pleasant time... totally gay friendly i mean feel free to do some pda! o and soccer games you get a packed crowd... trust me you find some deliciously hot looking men!