The Hothouse

91% love it
Cape Town's foremost bathhouse
1000 square meters to play in the heart of the Waterkant/Green Point gayborhood. Steam, sauna, sundecks with views; private cabins R200-250 on weekends. Thursday is buddy night (R50 per person); early-morning weekday specials for R30.


    • hairyhem
      hairyhem 2 months ago

      Like this place
      I went there few times i really like this place alot Wish to back there soon

    • tim66
      tim66 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Unfair and surprisingly bad condition, even after refurbishment
      First of all I had to pay already the higher rate. Generall they ask in January 2015, R 120 for arrival Friday 12-6 pm . I arrived at 5 pm but had to pay already R 150, because it is "weekend". That's unfair rib of two people, asking R 60 too much for 2 guests. Beside this they advertised, they renovated and everything is up to date and new. That is defiantly a lie. In some parts there is a new vinyl floor in and they painted the walls green and blue. The most part of the premise is still old, dirty and disgusting. Only if you don't care about style, cleaness and rib of the cashier, you can go there to meet 95 % of 60 years and older fat guys. I will never go there again. Thank goodness I met a young (and only) friend, where I had sex with. So at least I got happy. But the dirty, dangerous premise disappointed me.

    • bibttmguy
      bibttmguy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Boring and dirty
      I was excited to come here but it was not as good as the reviews. It was really dirty - mildew and standing water pretty much everywhere. I paid for a TV room and the sheets were stained and the floor was covered in lube - and that was the room I changed to because the previous room was worse. All of this could have been forgiven if there was some hot action but it was just kind of, "meh". Most of the guys seemed to know each other and it almost seemed like the club pays them to walk around with boners but not hook up. I was watching older guys get teased for hours. Go here because there really aren't any other options - but know that it is not great.

    • great relax and fuck
      I am always made to feel welcome at HH! sometimes very busy sometimes bloody empty. But I still like going there!

    • cutbriefs
      cutbriefs Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good fun
      Would be 5 star if they would do a better job cleaning it. Mildew and some seriously smelly rooms. No fun to step in lube all night.

    • tumie
      tumie Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Its a nice place to be at , great atmosphere + superb service

    • rps92109
      rps92109 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the Best
      Always fun and have been many times when in CT. Can be busy at any time even when you think it wouldn't. There really isnt a down time. I have actually made friends from this place both locals and world-wide. All ages and many locals(some beefy local farm boys too) Entry through the lockerroom .Go through the door and there are things to the right and left.The bar is to your right and they have some light sandwiches and food in addition to drink(you might get hungry after a few hours ) The larger group,themed and sling rooms are behind the bar area.Gloryholes and booths are in the far right back corner.Videoscreen back there too.Showers are in the back left/middle as are the Video rooms.Action is everywhere and not just in private rooms.Many private rooms/cubicles and a jacuzzi to your left when you come from the locker area,Suntan deck is upstairs for some nude sun with a small conversation area and chairs. Great place and busy. Well worth a visit when in CT.

    • jayparis
      jayparis Over a year ago
      Loves it

      totally love this place
      i had my moments in those green walls and wouldn't mind going back or recommending it

    • alax
      alax Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very nice bathhouse
      with place to lay outside to tan and look over CT port

    • Raef
      Raef Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place highly recommended
      This is a really cool venue. The big advantage of having a bathhouse in Cape Town is that it can serve alcohol. The entrance is similar to most bathhouses with a secured portal. Once you pay you are admitted to the locker room which is unremarkable but very clean. Showers are very clean and well cared for. Beyond the lockers is a very nice, upscale bar with comfortable furniture and a full range of cocktails. The bartender was very friendly when we were there. Beyond the bar are areas with mazes and corridors. The sauna is awesome as is the hot tub and steam room. Unlike the US bathhouse scene, cabins are not as plentiful. On the occasion we were there the place was packed with very good looking men. They were friendly and easy to talk to. Upstairs on the sundeck there was quite a lot of action. The location of this place is so convenient to the bars that it seems to attract a crowd at all times day and night.