Amsterdam Action Bar (Closed Permanently)

96% love it
GayCities Members report that Amsterdam Action Bar has closed
"No fuss and no frills"
Behind the bright-blue exterior is the self-described "most relaxed action bar in Cape Town." On two levels; downstairs is intimate, for pool and darts; upstairs are the video room, cruise zone with private cubicles and a sling room.


    • enockpio
      enockpio Over a year ago

      O público que encontrei era já bem avançado na idade e apenas bebiam seus drinques no bar.

    • Chill leather/bear/otter/muscle bar
      Amsterdam Action is a very chill, not pretentious, dive bar. There is a pool table downstairs and a wild scene upstairs with glory holes, booths, and slings. Very affordable and great if you are into the leather/bear scene or if you want to catch up with friends. What

    • great cruising upstairs
      great service and action

    • fuckuifulie
      fuckuifulie Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I must say i enjoyed my first visit and wil go there again and again. The barmen russel and blondy sure know how to treat customers. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. NO visit to cape town can be complete without visiting this top establishment...

    • MusicDoc
      MusicDoc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Strange Bar Scene
      Just visited Cape Town in mid-November. Stopped by this bar to find not many people drinking, and even more unfriendly people. It wasn't until Russell, a bar tender started talking to my partner and myself that the locals, after an hour or so, engaged in very limited conversation. I'm starting to think most South Africians aren't very fond of Americans. But, we weren't completely ignored, and the drinks were cheap, so I give this TWO stars in review.

    • texbearjoe
      texbearjoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly and Busy in Mid-Winter
      I had chance to visit Cape Town in their winter (Northern Hemisphere July), and even with so-so weather, a reasonable turnout, and very friendly atmosphere with patrons milling in and out. The "action area" was closed due to the police having actually seen someone (shockingly) exposing themselves, either beside the sling, or the glory holes. I wasn't clear in the explanation. Totally a surprise naturally. Part of a very large group of bars on the Napier Street block